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Tooway technology delivers fast, affordable broadband internet across the UK & Europe. Why suffer slow internet when you could be surfing at 10mb and enjoying 2nd generation satellite internet?

Tooway supports :-

  • Email and browsing
  • Online business tools
  • Remote site hook up
  • FTP
  • Distance Education

Tooway features :-

  • up to 10Mbps surfing speeds
  • Total independence from terrestrial infrasturcture - No telephone line required
  • Always on, plug and play connectivity
  • Self installation and activation
  • Low cost hardware
  • Available anywhere in Europe, regardless of distance from exchange

Tooway benefits :-

  • Affordable broadband for homes and businesses
  • Monthly service costs from £24.99 a month
  • Self installation
  • High quality flexible and scalable services

Customer premises equipment :-

    Complete range of ODUs (Right)
    67cm Ka-band
    Compact IDU,
    simple customer interfaces:
    Plug and play Ethernet 10/100 Mbp


Choose the service that best suits your usage requirements :-






Tooway Plans
Tooway 6
Tooway 8
Tooway 10
Tooway 10+
Download Speed*
Upload Speed*
Service Level Description
Suitable for 1 light home use computer with occasional use. Great for occasional browsing the internet and checking emails. Ideal for those with a "holiday home" but have to stay in touch.
Suitable for 1 moderate or 2 light users accessing the internet most days. Ideal for browsing, surfing and emails. You may also occasionally download music and films.
Suitable for 2 moderate or 1 light "work from home" computer connections , and more regular evening and weekend use. Occasional downloading of music, films and image sharing.
Suitable for regular "work from home" use or ideal for families with up to 3 PC's. Downloading of music or films, and regular use of email and browsing. Ideal for web based apps and tools.
Monthly Data Allowance**
4 GB
8 GB
13 GB
25 GB
Monthly Charge
Hardware Cost
INSTALLATION - Take the worry out of installations with our options to best meet your needs for your home or business. In the UK you can choose our network of professional installers or take the DIY approach and self install:

SELF INSTALLATION KIT includes a universal bracket, 25 meters of cable, compass and DVD to show installation process step by step.
With your dish in place connecting the hardware to your computer and getting online is straight forward - easier than many ADSL set-ups! - £45.00

UNIVERSAL BRACKET INSTALLATION provides a single universal bracket type installation suitable for South, East and West facing walls where a clear line of site is achieved.(Professionally Installed within 5 working days) - £185.00

STAND OFF MOUNTING BRACKET INSTALLATION a requirement where a North facing wall mounting position is completed and a line of sight is acquired over the property to the SSE.(Professionally Installed within 5 working days) - £125.00

NO Activation Fee

FREE Shipping to Mainland UK


* Ka band only, maximum headline rate, typical speeds may vary, please consult Tooway grade of service document for details. ** Limitation of aggregated, weighted download and upload volumes for a period of four sliding weeks. Published data volumes apply to ka-band Tooway hardware only. User traffic subject to further quotas as applied to multiple Sliding Time Windows (STW) of one hour, 4 hours, one week and four weeks -. The Grade of service document can be downloaded here

Site Survey - Do I need a site survey?

A site survey is required for all commercial premises or where the property doesn't meet the Universal bracket/stand off bracket installations offered. We can therefore offer the ideal bespoke solution that meets your needs and expectations,this may for example be a pole fixed down the garden rather than a bracket attached to your home. PRICE £75 + VAT

For further information or to place an order, please complete our contact form or call our technical sales team on +44 (0) 844 443 0063

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