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The all too frequent disasters and military conflicts of recent times, and the increasingly diverse range of media open to an ever information hungry world mean that 'news' is old in only a few hours, sometimes in minutes.

News crews, who are often in hostile environments, depend on remote communications providers to relay information with no delay.

Worldwide Comms continues to provide instantaneous communication capability to journalists all over the world, even in areas of civil unrest or military activity.  With our satellite partners we continue to provide our media users with the ultimate portfolio of communications tools allowing them to bring the news to their audience in record breaking time.

Worldwide Comms offers self aligning vehicle mounted integration of our VSAT Managed Solutions with all the flexibility true internet connectivity brings with our D-Star solutions but on the move.

BGAN offers the ultimate handheld, mobile internet and voice solution with global coverage and dedicated uncontended bandwidth.

Systems available include, BGAN terminals, SNG vehicles, or ad-hoc satellite bandwidth capacity to hire or buy for :-

  • Reporters and news crews in remote locations.
  • Production companies on location at home or abroad.
  • Live event coverage and sporting events.
  • Entertainment executives.
  • Photographers.

Our services support :-

  • Field reporting.
  • Office-to-field and field-to-office.
  • IP media streaming for Pay Per View events.
  • Live radio and video uplink.
  • Picture Transfer.
  • VPN links email, paging, web access and file transfer.

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