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Worldwide Comms Ltd utilises the premier manufacturers of VSAT (very small aperture terminal) equipment to provide secure, reliable IP internet connections

internet via satellite

anywhere in the world, including at sea, and airborne links.

With the spectrum of standard satellite products we provide it means when you come to us to discuss a solution, Worldwide Comms can tailor a system solution that meets your needs for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Our systems are used for various applications, utility providers, construction companies, media broadcasters, department stores for content distribution, corporate networking, crisis communications, community networks, and even home users where the best terrestrial connection they can get at home is dial-up.

All product solutions are “off the shelf”, and as such are proven technology and cost effective.

D-STAR Business Systems

D-Star is high quality, business grade fixed satellite internet access terminal.  Fixed monthly costs, no data volume limits*, very low contention ratio, various bandwidth offerings, supports VPN.

Tooway Home Worker Systems

Tooway technology is an inexpensive 2 way broadband satellite internet solution designed for home and business users, with inexpensive hardware, self-installation, and low monthly costs.

Vehicle Mounted Systems

Vehicle mounted variant of the D-Star service.  Mobile satellite internet with fully automated antenna alignment and operation at the press of a button.


BGAN, hand portable satellite internet terminal. About the same size as a laptop PC, the BGAN broadband terminal operates in over 100 countries, providing connectivity up to 144Kbps (tx/rx).

D-STAR Dedicated

Essentially a D-STAR terminal, offering dedicated, uncontended high data-rate bandwidth.  Suitable for Broadcast, media, Video IP streaming applications.

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