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Supervisior and control services from Worldwide Comms provide the ultimate solution for facilitating, monitoring and controlling remote unmanned plant assets. 
Offering secure, reliable and flexibleremote data communication to industries including water, energy, transportation and telecommunications facilities.

By definition, pumps, flow meters, control valves and environmental monitoring equipment are often located in the most unforgiving terrains, from the scorching heat of the desert, the icy wastes of Siberia, to the open expanse of the seas.  With the worldwide proven reliability of satellite communications our terminals can sustain a resilient and reliable ‘always on’ connection which is ideal for these SCADA operations.

Worldwide Comms Ltd SCADA networks allow us to design and implement a secure and robust network connection into the hardest and most remote of environments, very quickly and at a low cost.  Dynamic bandwidth management across our network allows us to integrate solutions where you only pay for satellite capacity as and when it is actually in use.  This means that the running costs compare favourably with DSL or leased lines, if indeed your harsh location can provide these terrestrial services.

Advantages of Worldwide Comms SCADA solutions :-

  • Low power consumption facilitating wind or solar powered sites.
  • Mesh or Star topography.
  • Easy and rapid deployment of terminals.
  • Reliable and secure networks remotely managed 24/7 all year round.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Cost effective when compared to landlines.
  • Bandwidth management from our UK Earth Station.

Worldwide Comms Ltd operates SCADA solutions across various platforms and satellites, and will make specific recommendations dependant on the mission requirements.

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